The Importance of Sitemaps

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As well as providing users with an easy to understand visual layout of your website, sitemaps are also a highly regarded part of your website when it comes to the 'Search Engine Spiders'.

All ArtWork NetWork - Content Managed Websites will automatically generate an XML Sitemap and save it in the root directory of the website.

Every time the owner of the website makes any content changes or adds/removes any pages, the sitemap is automatically updated. This ensures that the search engines can navigate to ALL pages in the website including those not obviously linked to.

Regular visits by the spiders makes getting your pages listed much easier.

So, as you change the content in your website using the Content Management System, the search engines are advised via your sitemap file of the new pages or of the 'Last Updated Date and Time'. The frequency of change is automatically calculated at the rate that the website owner makes changes.


Our Sitemap can be seen here. It is an XML version. We will write an HTML version when this website exceeds about 200 pages. In the meantime, navigating this website is nice and easy using the main navigational menu (above) and the section sub-menus such as the one to the left

You can easily generate an XML sitemap using the Google's Webmaster Tools

If your website does not automatically generate or update your XML sitemap, you must go to the website or use the tool that made your sitemap in the first place and update it.

A sitemap that is out of date or with bad links can work against you and your search engine listings or SERP - Search Engine Result Pages.

To keep on top of your website, it's pages, dead pages, links (in and out) and a host of other very informative analytics, register your website at Google's Webmaster Tools.

Reasons to use Artwork Network

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We'll come and talk to you in your place of business. We will bring samples of our work to illustrate just how we can work with you.

Awesome designs

Clients are always impressed with our work. We will go to great lengths to create design examples that are brand oriented with the clients business.

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By combining our in depth knowledge with our passion for digital design, we can ensure that your designs are perfect and fit for purpose.

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Based in Middlesbrough, Cleveland UK... Artwork Network are a graphic, print & website design company.

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With considerable resources at our disposal, ArtWork NetWork will Plan, Design & Implement projects of any size.
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