Spiders, WebBots and Crawlers

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These are names for 'programs' that search out the internet for websites and their pages.

We'll refer to the various names as simply 'Spiders' here in this website. There are a great many of them out there. A visit to your website will go un-noticed unless you view your website traffic logs.

Probably the most famous and desired 'Spider' to visit your website is the 'GoogleBot' which is the Google spider. It will show in your website stats or analytics as Google Robot or Googlebot.

The ArtWork NetWork website is 'crawled' on average 29 times per day by the Google Bot. This is partly due to the fact that the website is constantly being added to - new pages or updated content is added pretty much every day. (Alexa & MSN are crawling 1.5 time per day).

This continual growth of the website gives the spiders a reason to return and crawl your new pages or latest changes.Googlebot

Once your website has 'Gone Live' it is highly likely that the 'Spiders' will crawl your pages and 'cache' your content.

Once 'spidered' you pages are likely to appear in search results pages of various search engines and for varying results.

How well they appear varies according to the content of your pages and the relevance of the searches made combined with a host of other SEO criteria.

It's an ongoing process for which the results will vary from site to site and for different keywords or phrases.

If you require a website that not only meets the needs of your customers and you want the Search Engine Spiders to visit you often, take the time to research your market through your customers or prospects eyes and then to write your pages and the content accordingly.

Make sure that your content is relevant, make it unique, give your customers the reason to visit your website and give the Search Engines the same reason.

Remember, Spiders LOVE content and content is KING...

We will display a list of the common Search Engine Spiders here soon

Amongst some web designers and D.I.Y. enthusiasts, there is sometimes a notion to include every single meta tag you can lay your hands on.

In simple terms, ny advice is KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

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