Robots.txt File

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What is a 'robots.txt' file

Basically, the robots.txt file is a text file containing instructions to the search engine spiders about which sections and pages to crawl or specifically NOT to crawl.

How do I create a robots.txt file?

1. Create a text file and call it robots.txt

2. Type the following in the first line
  user-agent: *

3. Then for each folder that you DON'T want to be spidered/crawled type lines like...
  disallow: /foldername/

4. For specific pages or files, type this...
  disallow: /filename.html   or   disallow: /filename.php  etc.

Follow the examples below to create your own robots.txt file...

User-agent: *        alerts ALL robots
Disallow: /*?        disallows search by bots of all dynamically created pages
Disallow: /foldername*/        disallows all folders within folder name
Disallow: /*.php$        disallows search by bots of all pages with php ext. Swap for html to html$
Disallow: /foldername        disallows search by bots specified folders
Disallow: /foldername/file.html        disallows search by bots of specific pages

Use the example below to Allow robots to ALL Sections and Pages of your website

User-agent: *

Use this example to Restrict Access to the Listed Folders & Files and to permit ALL other areas

User-agent: *
Disallow: /cgi
Disallow: /otherfolder
Disallow: /filename.php
Disallow: /filename.html 

To inform the spiders of your Sitemap file add this:

Upload the completed robots.txt file to the root directory of your website.

You only need ONE. Do not add any other robot.txt files to any other directories, they'll just be ignored.

By creating a robots.txt file, the respectable search engine spiders will obey the instructions. There are some spiders out there that will ignore it altogether.

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