Anchor Text Links Building Strategy

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Acquiring Quality Incoming Anchor Links can be a long process but a fruitful one if you're careful.

Different link types can yield different SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages) and you need to develop a strategy to building your incoming links.

We like to think of our link building process as a: Link Strategy Development Tank (LSDT).

There are three main types of link result;

1. Poor or Negative link

Often in link websites that offer a link to your site or page. Usually paid for and more often than not from a page and/or website with NO relevance what ever. These should be AVOIDED

2. Short Term or Medium Benefit Link

Social Networks are a big source of these. There is much conflicting discussion regarding the Social Networks Links and a lot depends on where in the world you are and how they balance by percentage against good quality links with anchor text from solid sources. Certainly at the moment, they DO carry weight. How much depends on how relevant and how many different sources. More on this soon.

3. Quality Anchor Text Links

These are a text link to your site. Let's assume your company name is 'Bristol Lead Crystal Ltd' and your website '' is about 'Fine Lead Crystal Ware' and another website has agreed to link to you.

They are called Fine Lead Crystal and their website is '' The link to your website is in a passage of text like this: 'Our main outlet for Fine Lead Crystal Ltd is Bristol Lead Crystal Ltd who currently stock our entire range of Fine Lead Crystal Ware'.

To top this off, the link goes directly to a page specifically about 'Fine Lead Crystal Ware' and is called, titled, meta tagged and key worded in the content all about 'Fine Lead Crystal Ware'.

Such a link is considered High Quality and all the boxes are ticked; Website & Page Relevance, Keywords, Page Titles etc.

Building such links isn't easy. It takes time and effort. You should aim to acquire quality links like this and the more you can manage from different quality websites the better.

A 'Steady Away' approach is a good strategy to apply.

You may experience a negative result by generating great quantities of links in a short period of time. 2 or 3 new inbound links every few days should be fine, but watch your results in your analytics daily.

Another quality link source are Blogs. Of course the relevancy rules still apply. You can write the blogs yourself (try, you can get your suppliers and customers to write about Fine Lead Crystal Ware in their blogs and to link to your Fine Lead Crystal Ware pages.

Internal Anchor Text Links

These also have value and bearing on the SERP. There are many throughout this website. They not only serve to assist the 'Visitor' with their navigation to other relevant information, they also serve to reinforce the key wording structure throughout the pages.

Outbound Anchor Text Links

Likewise, outbound links to other websites contribute to the page relevancy in the SERP's. Remember that the more relevant the link, its text, destination etc. the better the potential result.

Both, internal and outbound links, contribute to the creation of keywords positioning in SERP's.

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