H1 to H6 Tags or Heading Tags

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Rather than using 'bold' and 'font sizes' there is an aspect of HTML code to format the visible page and content title of your page.

As well as formatting the content titles they also define the hierarchy of headers or titles.

The H1 tag identifies the most important whilst the H6 tag determines the least important.

These tags go a long way to assisting with your page rankings as well as helping to make your pages look good.

It's important to use them properly.

The H1 to H6 tags are supported by all major web bowsers and in HTML as wel as XHTML.

The code looks like this:

<h1>Type the text you wish to be in the H1 tag here</h1>

For the tags h2 to h6, simply change the number...

Regular text should be contained in 'P' tags or paragraph tags which look like this:

<p>Type the text you wish to be in the paragraph here</p>

Example - this line is using the <h1> tag.

Example - this line is using the <h2> tag.

Example - this line is using the <h3> tag.

And this is a regular paragraph using <p>

Creating 'Bold' or 'Italic' text within a paragraph or heading.

To add emphasis to a part of a passage of text and leave the rest the same there is a simple HTML tag that is used. to write bold you use


To write in italics you use


Then there is 'underline' this is a little more complicated and is done like this

<span style="text-decoration: underline;">underline</span>

The font sizes, colours and other formatting issues are dealt with using a CSS (cascading style sheet)

This is a separate file that is linked to via code embedded in the 'Head' of the page code. This means that all the style code (css) is in a separate file on your web server. This reduce page load speed significantly and also makes modifying your websites appearance Much Easier.

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