Which of my Web Pages are Listed?

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Now that my website is live, how do I know which pages have been listed by the search engines and how good is the listing?

Go to your preferred search engine and enter the following into the search bar. Note that there is no space between the word site: and the domain name.


The result will be a list of the pages already listed or 'indexed' in the search engines databases.

As to how well they are listed, you then need to search by the relevant search terms for the page and then count how many sites to yours.

This is a very basic form of checking on your listings. ArtWork NetWork can provide a much refined report that details for which keywords / key phrases you rank for and for which pages.

Please note that the search engines do not list you automatically and that the world will not beat a path to your door the minute you have a website. Just having a website does not mean an automatic increase in your companies turnover.

It's an ongoing process for which the results will vary from site to site and for different keywords or phrases.

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