Alternative Text or Alt Text for Image Tags

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You will have experienced 'Alt Text Image Tags' when browsing the internet in particular if your browser is Internet Explorer, you just might not know what they are or why they are there.

Alt Text is a means of presenting a website page to persons who are visually impaired or for 'Text Only' browsers.

They also carry weight with the Search Engines so it's vital to ensure that these, like meta tags, are relevant to the image and or page content. The code to display an image looks like this...

<img src="/images/image-name.gif" alt="Alt text goes here"> 

An example of an 'Alt Text Image Tag' below (viewed using Internet Explorer), shows part of a screen shot from the website The image displayed here is the logo and a small area to the right of it. You can clearly see the 'Alt Text' that says 'Best Fishing'.

It's important to have 'Alt Text' for several reasons; The user might not have images visible in their browser and the 'Alt Text' describes the image or the link to which the image might lead.

You would only apply 'Alt Text' to images that require it and not to images forming borders etc.

If you're using a browser and cannot see the Alt text it's probably because your browser is set to not display it. But, if you have an image and want to ensure that 'Alt Text' is displayed, then add a 'title'tag as well as the 'Alt' tag.

Never leave out the 'Alt' text tag in preference for the 'Title' tag. Either use them both or just the 'Alt' text tag. This will ensure that 'Text only browsers and visually impaired users can all get the benefit of a visit to your website

As mentioned above, The 'Alt' tag looks like this:

alt="Alt Text Image Tags and the use of..."

whereas the 'Title' tag looks like this:

title="Alt Text Image Tags and the use of...".

If you're looking to highlight an image such as a logo (hover over ours), use both tags. Otherwise just the Alt tag.

There are some images that should have no Tag at all. Graphics used to create the general appearance of the page, or bullet images etc...

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