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Look at things as if you were a potential customer.

Despite varying opinions, the world will NOT beat a path to your door as soon as you have a website, it takes time and careful research.

There is a Search Engine Optimisation comment that speaks legends - 'Content is King...'

It's Good to be the King. But the road to your throne is only through Research, Research and more Research. So be a good King...

Research the Right Content

Put yourself in a potential customers shoes who is looking for your industry and then break it down into it's component parts.

What would a prospect type into a search engine to find your particular service?

For example, someone looking to find a solution to an ailment or skin irritation that their dog has. They will probably not know or remember the medical terms. Your companies industry is 'Alternative Medicine for Dogs and Cats'.

No doubt, there are hundreds of ailments that your services could help with. Unless your pages describe the 'Ailment' and the 'Treatment' in a words and phrases that the dog owner would use, you might just as well not bother. Your website will be many pages down in the SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages) and the chance of the dog owner finding your website is remote.

There are many things you can do to ensure that you've elevated your SERP and achieved a better ranking.

Take a look at the competitions websites. See if you can find them for the key phrases your intended audience would use. Make a list of the key phrases that are the most popular.

You might even find some 'Niche' key phrases that will yield results your competitor is missing out on, and they are out there.

Write Key Phrase Rich Content

This does not mean that you cram as many key phrases into the page content as possible. This would make your page very dismal reading and could well result in a poor listing or none at all.

Result = Visitors either can't find you or don't stay when they do..!

What you must do is put your copy together with thought. It must contain 'Relevant Key Phrases' in the context of the page.

An example of a key phrase that could easily be written into your page is 'my dogs scratching but no fleas' yields 206,000 page results in Google at the time of writing.

The top listed organic result (unpaid for listing) page for that search term is a site that does not look fantastic, but it is content rich. The content has been well thought out, it's readable by the general public, it makes sense and is 'On Topic'. The result page would likely answer many potential problems for the key phrase 'my dogs scratching but no fleas' and a great many more.

Write Readable Content

As indicated in the passage above, the resulting page from a particular search yielded results that were helpful and to the point. The results were not likely to create a 'Bounce'. A bounce is a visitor that lands on one of your pages from key phrase entered into a search engine. They chose one of the results which did NOT give them what they were looking for, so they went back to the SE and looked elsewhere... They 'Bounced'...

Write Original and Captivating Content

Getting all three of the above correct is a must but just as important is the content must be 'Original' and 'Captivating'.

Create 'Original Content', don't just copy from another website. Write your own or get a copywriter with website copy experience to do it for you. Provide the copywriter with your list of researched key phrases so that they know where to start.

A good copywriter will do additional research to your own and expand on the copy. If they are not directly interacting with your industry, it is crucial that your read and read and re-read the copy. Make sure it is 'On Topic' and relevant.

Lastly, the content must be 'Captivating'. It must engage your visitors interest. You want the visitor to become a customer and not bounce away. If they enjoy their visit and find what they're looking for, you are likely to gain rather than lose from their experience.

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