Our Web Design Formula

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Far too many websites are put together in a rush without a plan.

Given the very nature of the World Wide Web and the often fierce competition for ranking on the search engines.

There are some fundamental stages to go through that will make a huge difference to the end result. Some of these stages must be done before you start constructing even the basic structure that will contain your pages. We plan all our websites utilising following stages and methods to ensure the finished result will work.

There are four main factors that MUST be considered with care during the design stage of a website

The Right Content | Page Structure | HTML Coding and On-Page SEO | Locality & Likeability

Each of these section is explained in their own pages. Follow the links above.

That's What We Do - Here's What We DON'T DO...

Stuffing or Spamming | Hidden or Cloaked | Purchased Back Links | Link Spamming

Don't rush in headlong and make a hash of it. It happens every day.

Well meaning advice from a colleague could set you in completely the wrong direction and even damage your reputation.

For example, an established company does not have a website but does have a respected brand including logo, livery, slogans and tag lines. A website has been considered but not yet actioned.

A well meaning employee says "I've already done a website for my local pub. It's brilliant. Everyone likes it. I can do the companies website FOR FREE...". Translated - I knocked it up using all the gimmicks I could find and my best mate thinks it's cool..!

Before you know it, a website has been put together with awful tiled backgrounds, flashing neon animations, scrolling text, advertising banners (because it's on free web space). It has none of the company looks or logos and looks dreadful. Nobody else in the company knows how to make it better or replace it, so it stays where it is making the company look cheap and cheerful.

Get good advice from someone who can demonstrate the right ability. Don't listen to the wannabe web designer who is years out of date or completely unskilled.

A good, well designed and researched website will cost you more that the above example of course... The difference is that you will see a return on your investment and your website will represent your company the way it should.

Reasons to use Artwork Network

Easy to work with

We'll come and talk to you in your place of business. We will bring samples of our work to illustrate just how we can work with you.

Awesome designs

Clients are always impressed with our work. We will go to great lengths to create design examples that are brand oriented with the clients business.

Our Experience

By combining our in depth knowledge with our passion for digital design, we can ensure that your designs are perfect and fit for purpose.

About Artwork Network

Based in Middlesbrough, Cleveland UK... Artwork Network are a graphic, print & website design company.

Providing Professionally designed and printed media to promote your business online and offline.

Our Mission

With considerable resources at our disposal, ArtWork NetWork will Plan, Design & Implement projects of any size.
Step by step communication with you is maintained throughout the project from conception to delivery.

A passion & dedication to listening to the clients needs and delivering the desired result. Whether a box of business cards to a full company branding, we will attend to every detail.