Content Management System - Ecommerce Dynamic Features

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The list below is a list of the Ecommerce Dynamic Features available.

There are several that will work together to create a comprehensive E-Commerce solution.
All of the e-commerce features below can be integrated into your ArtWork NetWork CMS. If you require online payment, we can set up SSL (secure socket layer) and link the sales details directly to your payment provider.

AuthNetAim - A payment gateway for the E-commerce system that uses the AIM and ARB protocols from
AuthNetSim - A payment gateway for the E-commerce system that uses the SIM protocol from
Autos - Automobile Listing for cars, trucks, bikes, parts etc
Cart Made Simple - Support the receiving and processing of sales orders. Entered by visitors and or customers
Cart - A simplified module with excellent connections to most of the modules in this list
Cataloger - Manage Catalog settings
Payment Made Simple - Payment gateways can be prepared with this module that is used by shop type modules (such as Cart Made Simple)
PayPalButtonMaker - Manages PayPal buttons. It can handle buttons internally; One button can handle limitless products. Secure using time based sha1 encryption; Use Smarty fields to have PayPal access in most modules ie: products, cataloger, Shop Made Simple
PayPal Gateway - Part of the E-commerce collection, provide the ability to perform checkouts via PAYPAL
Products - A module for managing a catalog of products, their price, images, etc, and for allowing users to build a cart
Promotions - Create, manage, and interact with sales and promotions for your e-commerce site
Rate This - This module lets users vote on a page content and prints out some pretty stars
RBSWorldPay - A Payment gateway to work with Calguys Ecommerce suite that interacts with RBS WorldPay
Reservation - This module is a hotel reservation system. It handle booking process and work with different room types
Shop Made Simple - This module forms the base of preparing a shop. It handles the products and their grouping. Images and attributes are available per product
Vacations - Provides a way to collect, organize, and display information about companies or vacations

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